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How to Win the Afghan War

ZABUL, AFGHANISTAN     It was the last mission on the last day in the field of our month-long stay in Afghanistan.    For cameraman Mal James and I, it had been a long, exhaustive time. One in which we got as good a look as anyone into the state of the Afghan War effort…from all sides. To be frank, we weren’t too optimistic. We had listened in Kabul, with Afghans, to President Hamid Karzai’s ... read more

Greg Palkot

Contributing Editor

December 17, 2009

10:51 AM




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Greg Palkot

December 16, 2009 11:00 AM

With Special Forces in Afghanistan

ZABUL, AFGHANISTAN-- Fox News was embedded exclusively with Special Forces for a week and got a rare glimpse inside the world of America’s most elite fighting force in Afghanistan. Special Force teams have been in Afghanistan ever since the days after 9/11. Now more than ever, they’re at the “ tip of the spear,” in places like Zabul province in the southeast, ... read more