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Claudia Cowan

News Correspondent

June 30, 2010

12:23 PM


Growing Trend: Saving Family Farms

[/caption] After years of raising chickens, goats, and other livestock in Petaluma, California, Paul and Dawn Dolcini had more land than they needed, and were looking to expand their operation. On the other side of town, Joel and Carleen Weirauch dreamed of starting a sheep dairy, but couldn't afford to buy their own ranch. Enter "California FarmLink": A match-maker for passionate ... read more



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Claudia Cowan

December 8, 2009 12:00 PM

NorCal’s “Pot Paradise”

Tucked amid the vast forestland of Northern California's Trinity County, the small town of Hayfork is - literally- going to pot...with marijuana being smoked, grown and sold more than ever before. Legal cannabis cultivation has become Hayfork's ... read more