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Maggie Kerkman

Dallas, Texas


Sunny Skies in Super Bowl Country, Finally

February 5, 2011 - 6:00 PM | by: Maggie Kerkman

p>What a difference a day makes. Yesterday?six inches of snow. Today 50s and sunny. And Dallas could use it. The storm happened in the most inopportune of times. North Texas is hosting the Super Bowl tomorrow. Thousands of fans coming in from Green Bay and Pittsburgh encountered weather they might expect at home, except minus the snowplows and salt trucks. The winter weather was even dangerous?6 people were hurt yesterday by ice falling off Cowboys Stadium. Today crews were out with a hose rinsing off what ice and snow remained on the roof. Forecast tomorrow? The National Weather Service says 39 degrees and a fifty percent chance of snow or rain. None of which is expected to damper the experience of Packers and Steelers fans, who are already out en masse today scoping out the site of tomorrow?s game.

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