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Molly Line

Boston, MA


Dig’n Out Again- Where do we put the snow?

January 27, 2011 - 9:58 AM | by: Molly Line

New England is digging out again today following yet another snow storm that dumped 6 to 12 inches across the region. Beleaguered by monster snowfalls all winter long the question is- where do you put it?

Boston is running six “snow farms” in areas across the city, essentially creating massive piles in designated lots. It’s up to public works employees to wrestle the white stuff into submission and haul it to one of the drop zones.

Boston Commissioner of Public Works, Joanne Massaro, says the city has seen 50 inches of snow in just the past month and understands the concerns of a weather weary public.

“I know it’s inconvenient. It’s inconvenient for all of us but we’re really out there and we appreciate everyone’s patience and their help keeping their sidewalks clear and helping us in the business districts,” said Massaro. When asked on a scale of one to ten where she would put the “we’re sick of the snow index” Massaro replied “11 or 12.”

Boston Commissioner of Transportation, Tom Tinlin, is urging residents to use public transportation and avoid driving on snowy roads. He referenced the seasons’ first big snowfall, lamenting a seemingly endless supply of storms since. “Mother nature came calling December 26th and she’s in a foul mood. We’re not sure if it was the Patriots or what it was,” joked Tinlin, lamenting the loss of the big game and nature’s fury. “She keeps knocking on the door once a week and we keep answering it.”