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Laura Ingle

New York, NY


Kitchen For Rent‪‪

January 14, 2011 - 7:47 PM | by: Laura Ingle

7 days a week, 24 hours a day, cooks and bakers are renting out stations in 8 hour shifts at a massive commercial kitchen called the Entrepreneur Space in Long Island City, New York, to churn out their culinary masterpieces on a large scale.  Renting these food making nooks solves a lot of problems for many small business owners.  By eliminating the cost of buying equipment on their own, budding bakers and cooks can get down to the business of making more dough.   The 5,500 square foot work space has big chunky pieces of equipment that would take up the space of an average New Yorker’s entire kitchen.  80 quart mixers, revolving rack ovens and rooms full of high end equipment are at the ready for renters to make their goods to sell at bakeries, gourmet stores and online, and the rental space has helped many turn a profit.‪

Pilar De Guzman owns Bonne Fete Baking Inc., and makes golden crusty apple pies by the dozens, along with cupcakes and cookies by the hundreds in her rented space.  She sells her popular treats at a gourmet bakery in New York’s Upper West Side neighborhood. She tells Fox News, “If you need to bake once a week, you can get in once a week, if you need to make it 4 times a week, you can use it as much as you can. It is very cost effective.”   Rentals go from $231 for a day shift (8a-4p) $189 for an evening shift (4:30p-12:30a) and $154 for the overnight shift (1a-7:30a). When asked how using this kitchen space and equipment has helped build her business grow, De Guzman says, “I started in April 2010, and by September 2010 it has at least doubled and now – word of mouth, referrals, internet, now I am seeing that I will be working here more often.”‪

Funded by New York City’s Economic Development Corporation and the Queens Economic Development Corporation, the Entrepreneur Space was designed to help create jobs, and keep them in the area.  It’s a perfect fit for many of these cooks, not only is it an affordable way to mass produce with the elbow room they need, this fully equipped kitchen also complies with the city’s health codes.  NYCEDC Senior Director Ann Li explains, “It really spans the spectrum of creating jobs at the very beginning,  an idea we very much like, of starting businesses here in New York City.  Now, you have a network here, because your customers are in this region, even when your businesses grow, you’re not leaving, you continue to stay in the city and provide employment, and generate employment here in New York City.  That’s the whole concept.”‪

Miguel Urrego is the owner of Creative Concept NYC, a full scale catering company specializing in international food, and talked with Fox News about how the kitchen has helped him get his business up and running.  He says, “As a start-up company you need a lot of capital, roughly like a hundred, hundred and twenty thousand just to start off with.  I didn’t have that at the time two years ago when I started. So I decided to look around to see what type of facility would offer some type of rental space that’s temporary, that could get me off my feet. Now I’m in a position, you know, where my company is growing because of it.”‪ ‪It’s not always easy to “just whip up a hundreds of cookies” and get them in the stores, and the people who operate the Entrepreneur Space know that.   Katherine Gregory, the kitchen’s founder and consultant says they offer business counseling, help with marketing plans, assist clients in applying for loans, and offer office rental space.  Gregory says, “you come into this kitchen, with your famous recipe, your raw ingredients and you walk out with a finished product that you would take to your coffee shop in the neighborhood, or maybe a gourmet store and sell it to them and you can become the next Mrs. Fields.”‪ And if they don’t turn out to be the next “Mrs. Fields” these cooks and bakers say they just want a shot at doing something they love.‪‪

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