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haiti earthquake

Kathleen Foster

New York


Haiti One Year Later: A Mother’s Grief

January 12, 2011 - 10:05 AM | by: Kathleen Foster

We found her lying on a dirty mattress in between two piles of rubble in what used to be a bakery.

For Lila Fanfan, January 12th is not just the day a devastating earthquake hit Haiti. It is also the day she lost all four of her children, all at once.

16 year old Christela. Gone.
11 year old Jimiclift. Gone
9 year old Anderson. Gone.
4 year old Mardoche. Gone.

In the hours after the 7.0 magnitude earthquake killed her kids and 200,000 other people, Lila went into shock, falling into a near catatonic state.

Her house was leveled. The bodies of her children were trapped under the rubble. It took months to get them out.

One year later, Lila is not much different.  A blank expression on her face, her mind is somewhere else.

Lila Fanfan lost all 4 of her children in Haiti's earthquake, one year ago

Lila and her husband live in a tent city closer to the outskirts of Port-au-Prince. But she spends most of her time lying on this mattress in Cite aux Cayes, a bustling and crowded neighborhood in the city.

“I’m more comfortable here. My family is here. They take care of me.”

She says without her children, she has lost the will to live. She would like to have another baby, but at 40 years old, she isn’t optimistic.

“That’s up to God,” she says.

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