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Ruth Ravve



Dishing Out “The Dilemma”

January 7, 2011 - 1:59 PM | by: Ruth Ravve

CHICAGO- Far from Hollywood, the official red carpet was laid out and crammed with cameras in a Chicago theater Thursday, as the stars of the upcoming movie “The Dilemma” talked to reporters for the movie’s world premiere.

“The Dilemma” is described by its promoters as “An all star comedy…about a man who finds out that what you say to a friend is as important as what you do”.   Basically one man (Vince Vaughn) sees the wife (Winona Ryder) of his best friend (Kevin James) cheating.  His dilemma is about whether or not to tell his friend.  How Vaughn’s character handles the situation is both funny and a bit tragic.

Despite chilly winter weather, the premiere was held in Chicago, mainly because one of its biggest stars, Vaughn, has a wife, a child and home in the Windy City.  ”Chicago has always been really, really good to me” Vaughn said “Its also a great backdrop for this movie”.

Vaughn wowed the media crowd as he walked the red line, but seemed a little weary of reporters repeating the same simple questions over and over again, “Did you ever have a dilemma like the one in the movie?”  ”What was it like working with such an amazing cast?”.   Surprisingly all the stars responded to each question as if hearing it for the first time.  They are actors, after all.

In the brief time spent with each of the celebs; Kevin James appeared just as funny and “regular Joe” as his character Doug Heffernan on The King of Queens.  Jennifer Connelly grinned a lot and happily showed off her baby bump, but wrinkled her nose when someone asked “Who do you think comes out looking better in this movie, men or women?”.  Winona Ryder seemed to be glowing, and looked far better in person than she does in the movie.   She smiled and became a little teary eyed when asked how it felt to be fully back in the spotlight “It feels wonderful.  I’m really happy” Ryder said.

Director Ron Howard couldn’t have been nicer and more cordial, taking time to answer each person’s question.  ”I think this comedy really comes together well”.  When asked about the controversy over the gay remark, Howard said there was no dilemma in deciding whether or not to keep it in the movie “Its part of the dialogue of the character… it has to be taken in context”.

As for the movie itself; Its listed as a comedy, but don’t go to it expecting to be laughing for two hours.  It has several funny parts but the story line turns serious and dramatic at points.  It’s a strange combination, but somehow seems to work…maybe because there is so much star power involved.

During the movie premier’s after-party, it was no surprise to see droves of people walking up to the stars gushing about the movie.  ”I just loved it so much!” one woman in sky high heels screeched to Ron Howard, who gave her a satisfied grin.  ”Wonderful, just wonderful” said another.  ”You’ve got a big hit!” said a tall man, working hard to get Vince Vaughn’s attention.   A very Hollywood-like scene.

The Dilemma opens in theaters January 14th.

Marla Cichowski contributed to this report.

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