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Adam Housley

Los Angeles, CA


Vegas Sold Out!…CES preview

January 5, 2011 - 1:31 PM | by: Adam Housley

For the first time in more than four years and for the first time since thousands of new rooms have opened, “Sin City” is sold out. Sure you can find a room here and there, but officially no rooms are available< as this years Consumer Electronic Show opens its doors to gadget buyers galore.


While CES always draws a massive crowd to the desert from all corners of the globe, in recent years, the attendance wasn’t as packed as it could have been due to the economic uncertainty that had electrified the high tech sector and those of us who buy its products. This year I got the idea that it might be a bit different as we began our hotel search back in early November, prices for rooms can go from $100 a night to more than $700 for the same room…clearly supply and demand is dealing hotels a strong hand.

Meantime, the convention center here in Las Vegas is filled to the rim with every 3D TV and iPod accessory known to man. This years hot items are connected TV’s and tablets, as companies do their best to battle Apple and get the first spot inline for streaming content to your living room. I am getting hundreds of e-mails and calls a day from companies wanting us to stop into their booth and tryout their latest and greatest…yes…even for a gadget guy….CES can be overwhelming if you don’t organize.

This is my 5th straight Consumer Electronic Show and I have already separated out the stuff I think you need to know about. Our theme for day one is all about stuff that can improve our lives and is yet affordable. Yep, the $200,000 bluetooth earpiece is cool and so are a ton of the massive 3D TV’s, but seriously, what makes sense in this day and age? If you have any ideas what you are looking for, let me know. Much of the stuff we will be showing has been out there, but now for the first time, is within reach of the common buyer. For example…wireless surround sound speakers that wont force you to rip open you ceiling and walls for good TV sound and also wont rip open your wallet.

On Day Two of our coverage, we will be discussing whether we have saturated ourselves with technology…I am mean really…do we need a clock to tell us to brush our teeth? Let me know what you think on all of this and what you want to see or not. I will be posting pictures and short videos from the show and will be sending tweets out as well.

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