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Wednesday, April 7, 2010 as of 11:14 AM ET



Hillary “Thinks” She’ll Quit Public Life

December 4, 2010 - 12:47 PM | by: Malini Wilkes


Will she or won’t she run for president again?

Hillary Clinton has repeatedly said she’s not interested in another White House bid, and her latest remarks seem to back that up… while still leaving the tiniest bit of wiggle room.

Secretary of State Clinton spent the week visiting world leaders in Central Asia and the Middle East. Part of her mission was damage control after the Wikileaks release of thousands of embassy cables with very frank assessments of government officials around the globe.

At a student town hall in Bahrain on Friday, Clinton was asked if she was contemplating another run for president.

She responded, “No, I am not.”

Clinton is 63. She says she’s had a fascinating and rewarding life as First Lady, a New York Senator and now as the nation’s top diplomat.

“I think I’ll serve as Secretary of State as my last public position,” said Clinton, “Then probably go back to advocacy work, particularly on behalf of women and children, and particularly around the world.”

But Clinton was such a fierce and ambitious competitor in the 2008 Democratic primary, that political pundits are already parsing her words.

They note she used phrases like “I think” and “probably” when describing her plans. And after huge Democratic losses in the November mid-term elections, there’s been some buzz about another Clinton run.

Clinton said Friday that being Commander in Chief is a difficult job, and every president’s hair quickly turns white after he’s elected. Presumably, she’s not interested in that.

But there’s also been speculation, she might replace Robert Gates as Defense Secretary after he retires, or even replace Joe Biden as Vice President on the 2012 ticket.

(The Associated Press, Reuters and Fox’s Amy Wehinger contributed to this report.)

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