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Wednesday, April 7, 2010 as of 11:14 AM ET



Gunman Shoots Himself After Hostage Standoff at Wis. High School

November 30, 2010 - 10:12 AM | by: Mike Tobin

We have learned this morning that the hostage standoff in Marinette High school in Northern Wisconsin lasted longer than what was first reported.

Police say the 15 year old gunman was a student in the class. It was the final class of the day and the students were watching a film when the gunman shot the film projector.

He refused to let students leave and they sat for hours. Somehow the initial gunshots didn’t draw attention because the school Principal says he didn’t know anything was wrong until someone realized that no one had heard from the teacher in that classroom. The principal checked on the room and found the gunman brandishing two weapons. He ordered the Principal to “get out of here,” and the threat was implied.

Principal, Corry Lambie called police. And the school was blocked off.

Students in the classroom say the hostage taker made no additional threats or demands. He was described as sullen and depressed. He ordered everyone put their cell phones in the center of the room but made no demands beyond that. People still don’t know what motivated him.

He snapped his own cell phone in half and refused to speak with police.

The gunman only communicated with the teacher who acted as a mediator.

Hours later, he allowed several hostages to leave go to the bathroom. They didn’t return. Just before 8 pm the gunman fired 3 more shots. Upon hearing the gunshots, police felt the remaining hostages would be at risk and they stormed the classroom.

That is when the hostage taker turned the gun on himself. Police chief Skorik says the gunman’s wound is life threatening. No hostages were wounded.

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