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Police: Father of Missing Boys is Lying

November 29, 2010 - 5:34 PM | by: Mike Tobin

As police and volunteer searchers scour the Ohio/Michigan border for signs of life from 3 missing boys, they know one thing: The father’s story does not add up.  39 year old John Skelton of Morenci, Michigan told Police he called a woman named Joann Taylor to come get his boys so they would not be home when he killed himself.  While there are many women named Joann Taylor, the one in his story is fabricated.

Morenci Police Chief James Weeks said, “A reported relationship between Mr. Skelton and Joann Taylor does not exist.” When a reporter pressed and asked if Skelton lied Weeks said, “Correct.”

So, the mystery woman does not exist but a suicide attempt did happen.

Skelton posted a note on his facebook page saying, “I love my wife very much. I hope God and Tanya can forgive me.”  (Tanya is the wife form whom Skelton is currently estranged.)    Some time after the note was posted; Skelton attempted to kill himself by hanging. Weeks would not elaborate on how Skelton botched his own hanging beyond saying, “he is still alive.” During the suicide attempt, Skelton injured his ankle.

Of course the pressing concern is that the 3 boys: Tanner, Alexander and Andrew Skelton have disappeared.  Police say they are in “extreme danger.” The town of Morenci Michigan is on the border with Ohio. That is where hundreds of volunteers have been focusing their search efforts.

Police are now asking the public for information about a Blue, Dodge caravan minivan that belongs to Skelton, License plate # 9JQH93.  They have asked for any info between the hours of 2:30 on Thanksgiving Day to 1:30 on Friday. Specifically, they are looking for anyone who may have seen the van driving the early hours of Friday morning between 4 and 7 am.  That is the time police believe the van left the house.

There is a tipline: 517-458-7104. Morenci Police are eager for any leads.

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7 Year old Alexander Skelton
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  • 7 Year old Alexander Skelton
  • 5 Year old Tanner Skelton
  • 9 Year old Andrew Skelton
  • Police are looking for info about this van, Early Friday Morning: 4am-7am
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