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Wednesday, April 7, 2010 as of 11:14 AM ET



Wikileaks Confirms Another Release of Classified Documents Coming Soon

October 27, 2010 - 1:38 PM | by: Greg Palkot

Controversial Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, already under fire for the release of classified documents, first about the war in Afghanistan, and then most recently about the Iraq war, confirms to Fox News another release is coming.

The new trove of files is again about the Afghan War but could prove to be even more explosive.  They were left out of the last release because they were deemed too sensitive.

“We held back one in five of those documents,” Assange remarked.

Now, according to Assange, they’ve been redacted to Wiki’s liking, they are in the hands of partner media organizations, and will be out “shortly.”

Assange says the files will detail, among other things, Pakistan’s attempt to control affairs in Afghanistan, Iran’s moves to influence matters there, assassination plots and corruption allegations.

Assange is single-minded, for sure. He totally rejects the idea the release of these classified documents puts the lives of troops and their collaborators at risk.

“It’s just invented, it’s nonsense,” he told us, “it’s the same thing they trot out when they don’t want to disclose information.”

He brushed off the fact that US officials now say he could very well be hauled in on espionage charges.  He called demands from the Pentagon for the return of still-held documents as an “unprecedented act of prior restraint.”

He revealed to us his strong anti-US or, at least,  anti-US policy bias, branding the US as the “center of gravity” for a menacing network of countries and defense firms.

That is a skew which Wikileaks insiders reportedly claim compromises his role as an objective arbiter of information.  And an obsession that takes attention away from Wikileaks projects in other areas.

Finally, he admitted to us he’s almost become a man without a country. Places favorable to his activities that he’s called home, like Sweden, Iceland, and  Australia are now less welcoming.

He claims, of course, it’s all a CIA- engineered plot!

“We are an organization with tremendous opponents and tremendous interest,” he remarked.

For now, at least, Assange is making his base in the UK!

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