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Carla Bruni Banned From Vatican? Not Really

October 15, 2010 - 9:13 AM | by: Greg Burke

It’s terrible to see the facts get in the way of a good story – especially when the story keeps getting repeated – but that’s the case here.

A satirical newspaper, Le Canard Enchaine’, reported that French President Nicolas Sarkozy was told by the Vatican to leave his wife, former model Carla Bruni, at home when he traveled recently to Rome.

A number of newspapers and websites picked up the story, some skeptically, some less so. The best short headline I saw was, “Bare Bruni Barred.”

The reason Carla had to miss the fun? Supposedly the Vatican (or even Benedict himself, which makes the story even better) was worried that Carla’s presence would give Italian papers an excuse to publish photos of young Carla from her racier modeling days. Oh yeah, those photos. Not the kind of stuff you’re likely to see in the Vatican newspaper.

(Incidentally, it’s not like Italian newspapers or magazines ever really need a good excuse to publish sexy photos; they just do it.)

Unfortunately, at least for Le Canard Enchaine’, the story of Carla being blocked from greeting Benedict just isn’t true. A Vatican official told Fox News that they simply “don’t get involved in that kind of thing.”

What is true is that the Vatican does employ fashion police, who keep a close eye on scantily-clad visitors. So Carla, next time you’re headed to St. Peter’s, shoulders covered, please.

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