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Wednesday, April 7, 2010 as of 11:14 AM ET

Middle East


The Noah’s Ark Flotilla

October 10, 2010 - 6:58 AM | by: Yonat Friling

Despite the tension between Israel and Turkey, due to the deadly attack on the Mavi Marmara Flotilla back in May, a new flotilla now traveling in the opposite direction aims to improve relations with its large, noisy cargo.

The cargo: 2 elephants, 2 zebras, 3 hippos and 9  lemur monkeys.

Courtesy: The Safari Zoo, ramat Gan

The story begins some 18 months ago, when the Turkish Ambassador in Israel asked the Safari Zoo in Ramat Gan, to help with expanding the collection in the Gaziantep Zoo in southeastern Anatolia.Courtesy: The Safari Zoo, ramat Gan

The journey lasted 31 hours in sea, and then 6 more hours by truck to their new home near the Turkish- Syrian border.

Courtesy: The Safari Zoo, ramat Gan

The Israeli caretakers are still helping both the animals and local crew to get along, and they will be back next week.