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Wednesday, April 7, 2010 as of 11:14 AM ET


Mike Levine

Washington, DC


Nevada Man Tells FBI He’ll “Shoot You All”

August 25, 2010 - 4:00 PM | by: Mike Levine


FBI seal and view of Las Vegas (Image from


A Nevada man who allegedly told FBI agents in Reno he was headed to their office to “shoot you all” is now under arrest — but only after barricading himself in his apartment for seven hours when local police tried to arrest him.

The FBI’s office in Reno received four calls on Tuesday from Charles Griffin, 35, of Reno, according to court documents. In the first call, Griffin told FBI agent Glenn Booth he was “going to put a cap in [your] ass,” according to another FBI agent investigating the threat. Then Griffin told Booth he was coming to the FBI office with automatic weapons, adding that while the FBI only has handguns he has “more firepower and an assault team,” as the investigating FBI agent described it.

In his final call, Griffin allegedly told Booth he was going to “slaughter” him. And when Booth told Griffin to stay away from the FBI office, Griffin said he was going to take a taxi to the office.

Afterward, the Reno Police Department tried to execute arrest warrants at Griffin’s home. He had already been charged in an unrelated matter with disturbing the peace and battery for allegedly attacking neighbor, according to Reno officials.

When Griffin refused to come out of his apartment, Reno’s SWAT team was called in. A stand-off ensued for seven hours, ending Tuesday night when the SWAT team cut power to Griffin’s apartment and deployed tear gas, according to one Reno official.

One official in Reno said law enforcement in the city had already “been in contact” with Griffin, who was described as mentally ill. The official said Griffin had been “going off the deep end for a while” and his behavior was becoming increasingly aggressive and “bizarre.”

“Hopefully we’ll [now] be able to get him the help he needs,” the official said.

A call to the FBI field office in Las Vegas, which oversees the Reno office, was not immediately returned.

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