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Wednesday, April 7, 2010 as of 11:14 AM ET


Carl Cameron

Washington, DC


SLIDESHOW:Pelosi Quizzed at Netroots Nation

July 24, 2010 - 3:36 PM | by: Carl Cameron

LAS VEGAS, NV —  House Speaker Nancy Pelosi took questions from Netroots Nation 2010 conventioneers at the Rio casino and resort Saturday morning in Las Vegas before a crowd of about 1000 liberal bloggers. Progressive revelers here don’t seem like morning people, but Sin City is not a morning place and organizers said that that they were here to have fun as well as to network.

In her opening remarks, Pelosi noted that the election is 100 days from tomorrow. She promised that throughout the upcoming August Congressional vacation, Democrats will focus on jobs, the economy, and restoring America’s manufacturing base. She promised that up until Election Day, 100 days from Sunday, Democrats will bring up “bill after bill” to spur job growth.
Pelosi took pre-submitted questions from the attending bloggers as well as tweeted questions and questions sent in on Facebook. The Speaker represents San Francisco and is one of the most liberal members of Congress. She is popular here but in this anti-Washington, anti-incumbent mid-term election year, liberals are none-the-less frustrated that democratic majorities have failed to deliver some of what they and President Obama promised in 2008.

Pelosi stuck to a familiar litany of democratic goals and talking points to which she received a tepid reception. At one point Pelosi tried to turn the tables, saying Democratic leaders in Washington can only do so much. She continued telling the crowd “outside mobilization is essential to getting anything great done,” and reminded the bloggers that “101 days from tomorrow we get the results and on that day we want no regrets. We all have to say we took the responsibility.”

The bloggers ate that up.

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Nancy Pelosi takes questions from the Netroots Conventioners
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