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Wednesday, April 7, 2010 as of 11:14 AM ET


Rick Leventhal

New York, NY


Robin Hood 702 Strikes Again

July 19, 2010 - 10:23 AM | by: Rick Leventhal

On a blistering hot Friday morning in Las Vegas, Nevada, an unusual crew strolls out the VIP entrance of one of the most luxurious hotels in town and steps into a stretch limousine.

Leading the group is a man who calls himself Robin Hood 702 (702 is the Vegas area code), wearing jeans and a t-shirt, hiding his face behind a beard, hat and sunglasses.

Robin Hood 702, who wants to remain anonymous, is a professional gambler who wins thousands at the tables and gives those winnings to a family in need.

On this day he’s joined by his much younger beautiful Brazilian wife Lady Greice wearing heels and a dress.  Their friend Dr. Richard Schulze is there too, a very wealthy herbal medicine specialist with a mail-order business who’s known as the “Herb Doc” to the stars, treating Sting and Apple’s Steve Jobs among others.

The group directs the driver to an address about 20 miles off the Strip, a well-kept apartment complex where an unsuspecting family is about to get the help they’ve been praying for.

We follow Lady Greice to the front door with camera crews in tow.  She knocks, we wait and after a few moments Jeff Martinez is welcoming us in.  Lady Greice tells him “you have been chosen by Robin Hood 702″ and moments later the men enter to embrace Jeff and assure him his immediate financial problems will soon be solved.

Jeff has stage 4 cancer, attacking his colon, liver, adrenal glands and lungs.  He’s a dispatcher for a motor coach company and continues to work 40 hour weeks while battling the disease.  His wife works two jobs and has little time for their two teenage kids, who broke down in tears remembering how they had to move out of the house they’ve called home for ten years because the family couldn’t keep up with the mortgage payments with all the medical bills.

Robin Hood 702 has helped other families before, usually by soliciting video submissions to his website, then choosing people down on their luck who he feels are most deserving of his help.  This time it was the local Fox affiliate that contacted the modern-day bandit and his merry men after doing a story about Jeff and his family losing their house.

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“I want to give this guy some hope” Robin Hood explains.  “That’s all he’s looking for, hope to fight this disease, to give him a break in paying some of his bills so he can put on his armor and fight this war that he’s got to fight and I want to stand next to him with my suit of armor.”

I’m sitting across from Robin Hood in his sprawling two-story high-roller suite overlooking the Las Vegas strip.  I tell him “People look at gamblers, they don’t see saints, they see sinners.”  He looks at me with a small smile.  “That’s why I am Robin Hood 702.  He wasn’t a saint or a sinner, he was a little of both.  That’s what I am.  A little of both.”

I’ve seen Robin Hood gamble in private VIP high-roller rooms for thousands of dollars a hand, two hands at a time.  It’s how he plays and it’s why he gets the luxurious surroundings and amenities that he tries to share with others.

We don’t see him gamble this time but he says he was down 200 grand, then came back to win tens of thousands of dollars.  He pours the results on a table in front of the family the next day, a bag of $100 chips (and adds some $1000 chips on top) to be used to pay his rent for a year, lease him a car and buy a year’s supply of groceries, among other things.

Jeff is overwhelmed.

“It’s gonna help me heal and you know what?  He’s going to be the first person I call when I can finally say I’m cured of cancer.  So thank you, Robin Hood!”  Jeff’s eyes well up with tears, as well as those in the room.

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