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Elizabeth Prann

Atlanta, GA


The Happy Unemployed

July 18, 2010 - 10:56 AM | by: Elizabeth Prann

Who knew unemployment could be so fun?

A growing group of jobless across the nation are joining a self-proclaimed movement: ‘funemployment.’ It’s a group of jovial unemployed who say they’re finally doing what they’ve always wanted to do – whether it is blogging or starting a nonprofit.

Christy Annis knows this all too well. After graduating from Tulane law school and practicing for more than a decade, she got laid off last year. But now, she said losing her jobs was one of the best things that happened to her.

“I love waking up everyday and it’s just – what am I going to create today?,” Annis said. “I have so many opportunities. The internet and blogs and Twitter and Facebook; it’s very powerful and it is so easy for people to get information and to find people doing things. You can do anything you want right now.”

Annis founded Peas for Prosperity; it’s a nonprofit jewelry business that employs homeless men and women in Atlanta. Annis said she is helping one man right now move into his first apartment.

And she’s not the only one who has made the best of unemployment.

Patti Davis has put all her efforts to the net. She launched a blog called ‘Anatomy of a Dinner Party.’ She critiques, attends and hosts parties across the southeast.

Her blog is starting to catch the attention of a local magazine and hotel PR representatives.

“I’ve met so many people in the blogging community, it was just unbelievable,” Davis said. “The people out there are just so supportive and so much fun. One thing just led to another. You have the luxury of time so you might as well take your passion and do something with it, the blogging is how that manifested for me and it’s just grown and grown.”

When asked if she ever thought she’d be without a steady pay check?

“No, no I didn’t!” she said. “But, I am loving it!”

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