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Wednesday, April 7, 2010 as of 11:14 AM ET

Texas Textbook

William La Jeunesse

Los Angeles, CA


TX Textbook: Before We Tackle History, Math

May 20, 2010 - 7:34 AM | by: William La Jeunesse

Before we tackle history – a little math.

The Texas Board of Education has 5 Democrats, and 10 Republicans, 7 of whom vote as a conservative block.

What does that mean? They control what happens here.

While liberals yesterday packed the hearing room, held news conferences, and shouted ‘don’t indoctrinate, just educate’ and ‘get your hands off our textbooks, leave it to the experts’, sources here say 10 years ago, when Democrats enjoyed an identical majority, they too manipulated the curriculum to fit their agenda.

The debate began when a review group of teachers recommended replacing Christmas with a Hindu holiday and removing partially or entirely Alexander Graham Bell, Albert Einstein, religious references, and Christopher Columbus.

There are two sets of changes sought by conservatives.

Board Member Don McLeroy will address the below ideas at the meeting:

1. Contrast what the Founding Fathers meant by separation of church and state vs. how it is practiced by government today

2. Analyze the cause and effect of eugenics:  Early in the 20th Century, 60,000 poor and mostly minority Americans were  sterilized against their will because they were considered genetically inferior…

3. Evaluate efforts by the United Nations to undermine U.S. sovereignty including a gun ban and the redistribution of American wealth

4. Discuss the fiscal health of Social Security and Medicare

5. Discuss government abuse of property rights and the taking of land w/o compensation – and the adverse impact of affirmative action on when more qualified workers are passed over by minority applicants

Liberals say changes eliminate academic freedom and overplay Biblical values. While, conservatives say this is just an attempt to bring balance back to curriculum that liberals hijacked years ago.

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