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A Hollywood Ending

May 5, 2010 - 5:22 PM | by: David Lee Miller

New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly joked that  the capture of Faisal Shahzad compared favorably to the heroics of  fictional TV government agent Jack Bauer, who always gets the bad guys in “24” hours.

Kelly said it took investigators only 53 hours and 20 minutes to take Shahzad into custody after he tried to blow up New York’s, Times Square. The real life drama may have taken longer than a TV show episode, but it had just as much suspense.

On Monday Shahzad was under surveillance, as investigators continued to gather evidence. It’s not known if Shahzad knew he was being watched, but he managed to give authorities the slip. Commissioner Kelly later said, “I don’t know why they lost surveillance, but this is not that unusual.”

Authorities, fearing Shahzad might flee, put his name on an updated no fly list.

Realizing the noose was tightening Shahzad makes a run for it. He drives from Connecticut to New York’s Kennedy Airport. While still behind the wheel he books a one way seat on the next flight to Dubai. At the Emirates Airline ticket counter he pays cash and walks away with a boarding pass.  Airline personnel don’t catch his name on the government’s no-fly list.

Shahzad makes his way through security and takes his seat on the aircraft. The door is closed. Take-off is minutes away. Where is Jack Bauer?

Alert Customs and Border Patrol officers check the flight manifest and notice Shahzad is onboard.  The aircraft’s door is opened and Shahzad is taken into custody.

Now that’s a Hollywood ending.