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Wednesday, April 7, 2010 as of 11:14 AM ET


Steve Brown

Chicago, IL


IN Senate Race: Turn-out Jumps…

May 3, 2010 - 7:00 PM | by: Steve Brown

…but to whose advantage? This just crossed from the Associated Press:

Ind. absentee voting up 34% from 2006 primary

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Early voting numbers surged in the weekend leading up to the Tuesday Indiana primary, leaving absentee participation up 30 percent from the 2006 midyear election.

Indiana Secretary of State spokesman Jim Gavin said about 92,000 people requested mail-in ballots or voted early in-person by Monday morning.

Prior to this report much of the talk about voter turn-out centered on this theory: “If turn-out’s high…it tilts in Dan Coats favor.”

Coats, a Republican candidate in Indiana’s U.S. Senate race, has been considered something of a front-runner. He is the best known GOP candidate. Coats held the job before retiring from politics, leaving the Senate seat open for Democrat Evan Bayh to win in 1998. But despite his advantages, Coats has not pulled away from the other four candidates in the Republican field.

The higher than expected turn-out could be the Coats campaign at work. Opposition campaigns tell Fox News they suspect the Coats campaign targeted absentee ballots and the boosted number may be a sign of that effort.

Is the heavy turn-out (for a non-presidential election year primary) because of the Coats efforts? Or have fed-up Indiana voters decided to the “throw the bums out” as some pundits would have you believe?

We’ll have a better idea after the polls close in Indiana tomorrow night.

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