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Wednesday, April 7, 2010 as of 11:14 AM ET


Maggie Kerkman

Dallas, Texas


TX Pipe Bomb Suspect Mad at Government

April 8, 2010 - 1:49 PM | by: Maggie Kerkman

The man who’s suspected of planting thirty-six bomb-like devices in and around mailboxes in East Texas may have had a beef with the US government. Investigators arrested 52-year old Larry Eugene North yesterday after they say they spotted him planting a device near a shopping center in Tyler. North had been under 24 hour surveillance for about a week. After police arrested North, they found a second explosive device inside North’s van.


More than thirty different devices have been found since just the beginning of the year. Some of them were pipe-bombs. Others were Molotov cocktails. Some had been planted inside U.S. mail collection boxes. Others had been left outside businesses. No one was hurt by the devices. The big question that remains is why? Investigators aren’t telling  because the case is ongoing- but they offered some clues. First Assistant US Attorney Brit Featherstone said it was obvious North “…did not particularly care for the U.S. government” based on what he wrote on the explosive devices themselves. Featherstone also said North had been defrauded of money he had come into because of  a lawsuit. Featherston said, “It’s fair to say he was irritated with the individuals he thought were responsible for the loss of that money.”

What’s also interesting to note is who’s involved in this case. The Treasury Inspector General of the Tax Administration played some kind of role. That office is responsible for the protection of IRS employees. No one at the press conference would say exactly how or why the Treasury Inspector General was involved. Investigators also wouldn’t talk about why they first started looking at North.

North’s first court appearance is today. Investigators say he’s the only one involved in the case.