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Wednesday, April 7, 2010 as of 11:14 AM ET


Marla Cichowski



Obama In Ohio To Talk Health Care

March 15, 2010 - 8:13 AM | by: Marla Cichowski

President Barack Obama visits Strongsville, Ohio this afternoon to push his health care reform plan. This will be President Obama’s sixth visit to Ohio since he took office. Obama is speaking at a recreation & senior center about 20 minutes south of Cleveland. People who have tickets to hear the President speak were lining up at a nearby Target store by 6am this morning.

One of the main reasons President Obama chose to come to Strongsville, Ohio to talk health care is because of a letter he received from breast cancer survivor, Natoma Canfield. The 50 year old woman wrote to the President to tell him about her ongoing struggle with health insurance while fighting cancer. Canfield continues to battle serious health problems and was recently diagnosed with leukemia, according to FOX 8 in Cleveland. Canfield’s health will prevent her from introducing the President at today’s event… she is currently undergoing treatment at the Cleveland Clinic. Canfield’s sister, Connie Anderson, is scheduled to fill in for her sister to introduce the President.

Pictures below show the line of people waiting for access to today’s event in Strongsville. The line stretched around the entire front entrance of a nearby Target store. Weather here today is not ideal. Misting and upper 30s.

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Event site in Strongsville, Ohio where President Obama will speak
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  • Event site in Strongsville, Ohio where President Obama will speak
  • President Obama speaks in Strongsville, OH
  • Crowd builds for President Obama's health care speech
  • Crowd waits for President Obama in Strongsville, OH
  • Media set up inside Rec center where President Obama will speak
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