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Wednesday, April 7, 2010 as of 11:14 AM ET


Steve Brown

Chicago, IL


Stutzman Wins Tea Party Debate Straw Poll

March 7, 2010 - 9:48 AM | by: Steve Brown

State Senator Marlin Stutzman DID have the home field advantage. The Indiana Republican US Senate candidate also won the straw poll at the Kosciusko County Tea Party debate on Saturday. Stutzman’s legislative district includes a portion of Kosciusko County.

All five GOP hopefuls were on hand for the two hour debate. The event was standing room only. The venue…the Center Lake Pavillion holds 400 people. A crowd of perhaps double that showed up to see the event live…or watch it on television montiors outside.

In the overall straw poll vote (people both from Kosciusko County and from outside the county)…Tea Party organizer Richard Behney finished a close second followed by fellow Tea Party candidate Don Bates Jr. Former Congressman John Hostettler wound up in fourth. Former US Senator Dan Coats…who has gotten most of the national media coverage among the Republican candidate…finished in last in the straw poll.

Here are the straw poll results. They are broken down by Kosciusko County residents…and then an overall number:


Marlin Stutzman  39

Don Bates Jr.         20

Richard Behney    15

John Hostettler      7

Dan Coats                 3


Marlin Stutzman   80

Richard Behney     76

Don Bates Jr.          47

John Hostettler      18

Dan Coats                 16

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