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Wednesday, April 7, 2010 as of 11:14 AM ET


Kimberly Schwandt

Washington, DC


Coakley Supporters Stand By Their Candidate

January 19, 2010 - 10:42 PM | by: Kimberly Schwandt

At the Grand Ballroom at a downtown hotel in the hub of Boston, supporters and volunteers for Massachusetts Attorney General and Democratic candidate Martha Coakley continued to show optimism despite a week of reports that their candidate was falling behind in polls against challenger Republican State Senator Scott Brown.

Mingling with each other, nibbling on food, and listening to a band who’s first song was “Stand By Me,” the buzz before the election was called was that they hoped their candidate finished strong.  While they standed by Coakley completely, there was a feeling of hesitation on how she would perform tonight.

Volunteer Heather Mills from Somerville, MA spent the day knocking on doors to get out the vote.  She says she had a really good experience and was impressed by the organization today.  When asked about the mood tonight, she said “I think the Democratic base is fired up.” She added, “I think she should win.”

“Martha Coakley as far as I’m concerned is the most competent candidate,” said Fern Beck who lives in Brookline, MA. She also spent the day trying to rally voters to the polls, “For me it isn’t about second-guessing, because she is the candidate of choice.” She called Coakley “…a leader that we need, even when an electorate is this angry because she understands the state and the state’s issues.”

South Boston resident Mark McGrath said he is a “relentless optimist.” He had looked at the polls and saw the turnout was high, “the Democratic base is coming home to roost, and I just hope it’s enough.”

It ended up not being enough and moments later on a large projection screen with the local cable station on, the results were called that Brown won the race.

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