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Bring Your Cell Phone to School

December 10, 2009 - 4:19 PM | by: Orlando Salinas

At Wiregrass High School in Wesley Chapel, Fla., students are told to bring their cell phones to class. It’s the only school in the state that does that. The principal says most of the 2,000 students have cell phones, and it makes no sense to ban the technology from campus, when it could be used as a teaching tool.

This kind of thinking goes against the grain, because most schools have an all-out ban against bringing phones to class.

But at Wiregrass, school administrators and students have worked out a smooth process to use the technology to assist in instruction.

Students register their phone numbers with their teachers, who can then send out mass text messages requiring the class to perform an assignment. Using their cellphones, students can snap off pictures from the chalkboard, pass on school notes, even access their teacher’s blog, or download an entire lesson.

Can the students cheat and beat the system using their hi-tech cells? Of course they can, but the principal says most of the students at this A-rated school do the right thing.

In between classes and during lunch, students are listening to music, playing games and watching movies– all from their cellphones. But when the bell rings signaling the start of another class, those phones must be shut off, unless the teacher says otherwise.

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