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Dan Springer

Seattle, WA


Lakewood Officers Remembered

December 8, 2009 - 2:35 PM | by: Dan Springer

The four Lakewood, Washington police officers who were gunned down in a coffee shop 9 days ago are being honored today. 20,000 mourners are expected to attend a memorial service at the Tacoma Dome after a 10-mile procession that includes more than 2,000 police and fire vehicles. Law enforcement has come out in full force. More than 160 agencies are represented. Officers came from California, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Oregon and all over Washington. Some cops even flew in from as far away as Boston and New York. Federal agencies are also represented including the D.E.A., Navy and Customs and Border Protection. Also expected are 1,000 Royal Canadian Mounted police.

Sgt. Mark Renninger, Officers Tina Griswold, Greg Richards and Ron Owens will be laid to rest following the memorial service. Among those who are expected to attend are Washington Governor Christine Gregoire and F.B.I. Director Robert Mueller. Three of the officers leave behind spouses. They were all parents who are survived by a total of nine children.

Even as the fallen officers are remembered, prosecutors continue to build a case against several people accused of helping their murdered, Maurice Clemmons. 7 people have been arrested including 5 relatives of Clemmons. Five have been charged with rendering criminal assistance.  Prosecutors are still trying to determine if they can charge one person with murder. They say Darcus Allen drove Clemmons to the Forza Coffee shop nine days ago and then drove him from the scene. If they determine Allen knew of Clemmons’ plans he could be charged with four counts of murder.

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