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Four Sought in Russian Train Bombing

December 3, 2009 - 10:03 AM | by: Dana Lewis

Almost one week after the Russian high speed train the Nevsky Express was derailed between Moscow and St. Petersburg in what authorities are calling a terrorist attack, Transport police today released sketches of four possible suspect including a woman.

Russian Security Services say the train was bombed with 14 pounds of explosives places under the tracks killing 26 people and wounding 100. The four suspects allegedly rented a house in a nearby village and police suspect they may have watched trains coming and going to establish schedules and may have planted the explosives.


A Chechen war lord has claimed responsibility for the attack and warned there will be more.

Russian Government sources say that claim is being taken seriously.

Today Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin told a National phone in show the terrorist threat is significant. “Myself and my colleagues have always said the threat is quite large” he stated. He pledged to take tough action. And Putin also called on the Russian public to be more vigilant and for security services to upgrade their work.

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