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Maggie Kerkman

Dallas, Texas


Hero Cop Talks to Fox

November 12, 2009 - 10:19 AM | by: Maggie Kerkman

Senior Sergeant Mark Todd doesn’t consider himself a hero, but spend five minutes with him and you’ll know that’s exactly what he is.

He and fellow Sergeant Kimberly Munley were the first officers to arrive at the shooting scene in Fort Hood last week where 13 people lost their lives. Sr. Sgt. Todd told us when he first got the call, he thought it might have been people mistaking soldiers practicing a 21 gun salute for real gunfire. But as he got closer, the police dispatcher said she too had heard gunfire.

When Todd and Munley arrived, people pointed in the direction of the shooter. Then they saw him. He started firing at them and they split up. The next time Todd saw him, Todd says he drew the gunman’s attention away from the crowd and the gunman started firing at Todd again. Todd makes a point to say that both he and Officer Munley are responsible for stopping the suspect, but with Munley wounded, it was Sr. Sgt. Todd who cuffed the suspect. In a statement that speaks to Todd’s character, he says the real heros are the medics who then began to minister to the wounded. Initially, Todd wanted to remain anonymous.

He says, “I’m a police officer. I showed up, I did my job.” But of course, it’s more than that. Sr. Sgt. Todd spent 22 years in the military himself. After retirement, he wanted to continue to serve, so he became a police officer. Sr. Sgt. Todd had never fired his weapon in the course of his job until last week. He credits good training for his quick response.

And although Todd would never take credit for himself, there are a lot of people today who would say they owe him their lives.

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