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Absentee Ballot Abuse?

November 2, 2009 - 1:39 PM | by: Eric Shawn

It is “very easy” to steal an election using absentee ballots, claims Jan Tyler, a former Denver Elections Commissioner who now runs the website National Election Reform Examiner. She said some people shoveling her driveway, for example, told her they knew that “six or seven absentee ballots were sent to dead people,” and she fears the numbers across the country could be much larger than experts believe and that prosecutors do not take infractions seriously enough.

Fox News has found ongoing allegations of absentee ballot fraud in at least a dozen states involving recent elections, including contests this year. 38 ballots from this past September’s primary were thrown out by a judge in Troy, New York in an on going ballot fraud case that could lead to criminal prosecutions. Both Democrats and Republicans are accusing each other of illegal election activities there. And in New Jersey, where the race between Democrat incumbent Governor Jon Corzine and Republican challenger Chris Christie is extremely close, there have recently been a rash of absentee ballot related arrests in two local races. This comes as officials say about 2,300 absentee ballot applications do not match the signatures of those voters’ registration cards, raising concerns about voter integrity or possible suppression on Tuesday. 19 people have been indicted this year for absentee ballot fraud related charges in elections in Atlantic City and Newark, and one campaign worker has plead guilty.

One of the nation’s leading officials who has led the fight against voter registration fraud is the Secretary of State of Nevada, Ross Miller. He told Fox News “you have to have safeguards in the system, which we do,” in his state. His office broke the case against ACORN, the troubled activist group, allegedly engaged in voter registration fraud in Las Vegas during the 2008 election. Those allegations have now lead to the first criminal case against ACORN itself, where ACORN and a former official will face trial in April. While Miller, a Democrat, says people must be held accountable and that there should be “aggressive prosecutions,” where wrongdoing is found, he says of absentee ballot fraud that “overall across the country, I don’t think it’s widespread.”

Both Mr. Miller and Ms. Tyler appeared on Fox News Channel to discuss voter issues on the eve of Tuesday’s election.

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