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Ruth Ravve



Accused Stalker Free, But Monitored

October 5, 2009 - 6:27 PM | by: Ruth Ravve

Wearing a bright orange jailhouse jumpsuit, Michael David Barrett sat solemnly in a Chicago courthouse, refusing to even glance at the gaggle of media in the back.   Barrett is accused of secretly videotaping ESPN reporter Erin Andrews, while she was nude, in her hotel room.  His appearance in the Chicago court was to determine whether he would be held behind bars, or released on bond.

Prosecutor Steven Grimes called Barrett a “danger to the community” and told the judge the defendent had also taken videos of other women, in addition to Andrews.

Defense attorney Rick Beuke told the judge he’s received numerous phone calls of support from Barrett’s family and friends.  Beuke emphasized that Barrett “has absolutely no criminal background” and has been employed in the Chicago area for 13 years.

Judge Arlander Keys cited Barrett’s lack of criminal record, lack of substance abuse history and community ties in his decision to release Barrett on $4500 bond.  He’ll also be forced to wear an electronic monitoring device around his ankle.  Barrett will be allowed to go to work, but has a curfew of 9pm-6am central time, and is not allowed access to anything which would connect him to the internet, such as a computer,  cellphone or Blackberry.

Barrett will next be in court  in Los Angeles, October 23rd, at 2pm.

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