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Robert Lee

Chicago, IL


In This Economy “Every Drip Counts”

September 4, 2009 - 9:36 AM | by: Robert Lee

 With double digit unemployment rates gripping parts of the nation and Labor Day upon us, we wanted to take a look at those fortunate enough to still be plugging away to make ends meet. Harry Buenger  and his wife Kathy have run a small business in Naperville, Illinois called Harry’s Cafe for the past 32 years, and in his words ” I will probably be working until I am ninety.” Its a simple business really, he serves coffee and muffins to passing commuters with a smile and a kind word, and  has noticed some interesting patterns of the Chicago commuters. Watch his story here…{VignetteVideo assettitl=”Harry%27s+Cafe” id=”4B0DAF53B00F5898E71EE47A8405A139″ width=”375″ aspectratio=”1.77″ height=”211″ autoplay=”off” }

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