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Serafin Gomez

Miami, FL


Space Shuttle Docks with Space Station

August 30, 2009 - 8:54 PM | by: Serafin Gomez

382012main_425x332UPDATE @854PM

At 8:54 pm on Sunday night, the space shuttle Discovery docked with the International Space Station. On board the crew of STS-128, and 7 tons of supplies and equipment, including a treadmill named after comedian Stephen Colbert. 

PER NASA:The shuttle and station crews opened hatches at 9:33 p.m. and greeted one another beginning a week’s worth of joint operations that includes three spacewalks and transfer of 15,000 pounds of supplies and logistics to sustain the six-person crew on the station. 

Astronauts Nicole Stott and Tom Kopra swapped Soyuz seat liners after hatch opening. Stott will handle flight engineer duties aboard the station until her return home aboard Atlantis following the STS-129 mission in November. Kopra is scheduled to return aboard Discovery Sept. 10 after 57 days in space. 

Before docking to the station, Commander Rick Sturckow and Pilot Kevin Ford performed a few final corrective jet firings to refine the orbiter’s path for a rendezvous pitch maneuver (RPM). While Sturckow performed the RPM, Expedition 20 Commander Gennady Padalka and Flight Engineer Mike Barratt took photos from the station. Their photos will be reviewed by experts on the ground for evidence of damage to the shuttle tiles. 


153212main_launch_1_425MIAMI BEACH, FL- The Space Shuttle, Discovery, is scheduled to reach, and connect with the International Space Station at 8:03 pm tonight, NASA reports.  Per NASA:During their first full day in space, astronauts aboard Discovery conducted a daylong inspection of the space shuttle’s thermal protection system, checked out spacesuits and prepared to dock with the International Space Station.