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David Lewkowict

Atlanta, GA


Mystery in the North Georgia Mountains

August 18, 2009 - 5:54 PM | by: David Lewkowict

A week after Kristi Cornwell disappeared police say they still have few leads.  The 38 year old mother and former probation officer was walking near the small North Georgia mountain community of Blairsville when she vanished last Tuesday.

Cornwell was talking to her boyfriend on her cell phone, telling him she was being followed.  Police say that Douglas Davis  says he heard a struggle and Kristi say “Don’t take me.” Davis immediately hung up and called Cornwell’s mother who then dialed 9-1-1.

That cell phone was found in a field a few miles away from where Cornwell was last spotted. The phone had been turned off.

The best lead — a older white Suburban SUV and a gold or tan Toyota or Nissan sub-compact car.  So far 180 sex offenders in Georgia and North Carolina have been interviewed by law enforcement.  A nearby lake has been searched and additional GBI agents were called in overnight to canvas door to door.

Richard Cornwell, Kristi’s brother says, she is strong and they have hope. “Her law enforcement training, her law enforcement education, her physical strength, I think all those assets are what’s gonna bring her through this.”

John Bankhead, Public Information Officer for the Georgia Bureau of Investigation says authorities in North Carolina and Tennessee have been very cooperative. While there has been no major break in the case, he says agents will continue the active search for the time being. “Sometime this week we will get together and decide to call back on the search and go towards what we are doing with the missing persons investigation and we will do searches based on investigative leads.”

The GBI says the lack of information is a strain on the investigation and ask people with tips to call their hotline at 800-597-8477 or the Union County Sheriff’s Department  706-439-6038

The family has set up a website, and a reward fund at the United Community Bank in Blairsville, GA.  People can donate by calling 706-745-2151.

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