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Conor Powell



American Soldier Remains in Taliban Custody

August 9, 2009 - 9:40 AM | by: Conor Powell

AFGHANISTAN – Its been more than three weeks since any one has seen or heard from Pfc. Bowe Bergdahl – the American soldier who went missing in Eastern Afghanistan earlier this summer.

Sunday, Maulvi Sangin, a top Taliban commander told the AP “that Taliban is waiting for a response to its demands before deciding the American’s fate.”

Sangin did not say what the Taliban’s demands were – but in the past the Taliban has said Pfc. Bergdahl would be killed unless the U.S. stops air strikes in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

The U.S military has said they will not negotiate with the Taliban – and instead launched an aggressive campaign to find the 23 year old soldier.

There have been several reports of Pfc Bergdahl whereabouts – including one claim that he had been moved to Pakistan. However, according to U.S. military officials the Hailey, Idaho native is still in Eastern Afghanistan  – though the Taliban is believed to be moving him every day to prevent the U.S from rescuing him.

Pfc. Bergdahl, was serving with an Alaska-based infantry regiment when he disappeared June 30 – just five months after arriving in Afghanistan.

The Taliban claims they captured him while he was out on patrol. Pentagon officials tell Fox News that Bergdahl walked off his base near the Afghanistan/ Pakistan border during the middle of the night without his weapon, helmet and body armor.

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