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Kathleen Foster

New York


American Admits Helping Al Qaeda

July 22, 2009 - 6:35 PM | by: Kathleen Foster

Update: This is the house in suburban Patchogue, NY where Bryant Neal Vinas grew up. Photo courtesy of the NY Post.

Update: The US Attorney’s Office in Brooklyn now confirms American Bryant Vinasin January pleaded guilty to all 3 counts against him.  They are conspiracy to Murder US Nationals, Providing Material Support to a Foreign Terrorist Organization, and Receiving Military Type Training from a Foreign Terrorist Organizations.

Vinas was indicted in November but his identity and all court proceedings were kept secret as a matter of national security. The feds say he was providing information about other terror cases. Vinas faces a maximum sentence of life in prison. No sentencing date is set yet.

Here is the indictment.


The 27 year old joins the ranks of other American born Al-Qaeda sympathizers like John Walker Lindh and Adam Gadahn.

American Bryant Neal Vinas (aka “Ibrahim”) pleaded guilty to giving Al-qaeda information about the New York transit system on January 28th, 2009, according to the FBI.

The 27-year-old is being held by US Marshalls in New York.

Vinas grew up in Patchogue, New York on Long Island. His mother tells Fox he left home at 18 and spent time traveling with his father.

Vinas was captured last year in Pakistan. He was charged in a rocket attack on US troops in Afghanistan and giving Al-Qaeda information about the NYC Subway system and the Long Island Rail Road. He was indicted in November but his identity was kept secret until the indictment was unsealed today.

The US Attorney’s office in Brooklyn won’t say how much time Vinas could face or when he will be sentenced.

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