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Serafin Gomez

Miami, FL


NASA Evaluating Debris Damage on Shuttle

July 15, 2009 - 10:30 PM | by: Serafin Gomez


During lift off, 8-9 pieces of debris fell of external tank.At least one piece hit shuttle tiles but in an area that does not worry NASA flight directors too much at this point.NASA will take the next few days to evaluate the damage to see if it could pose a threat for re-entry. NASA spokesman says that they will conduct analysis from Space and from NASA scientists on Earth, but again are not too worried at this point. Foam often flies off during lift off, and as long as it happened after the first crucial 6 minutes of the launch, it is usually less of a concern. Also, its in area of heat-resistant tiles that isn’t as crucial as other areas, but NASA will continue to evaluate.

” Some of it doesn’t concern us, some it you just can speculate on right now,” Mike Moses, one of the flight managers said at a post-launch newser. Another flight manager, Bill Gerstenmaier said at the same conference that he didn’t “consider (the tiles)an issue for us.”

CAPE CANAVERAL, FL – After delays to due weather, and problems with a hydrogen gas leak, the space shuttle has now reached orbit on its way to the International Space Station, according to a NASA spokesman. Endeavour has embarked on a 16-day mission, that will include five space walks, and completing the KIBO Space lab in the ISS.

The sixth time is the charm. NASA has declared a “Go” for tonight’s launch of the space shuttle Endeavour. Scheduled to Blast off at 6:03 p.m. ET.


Endeavour is “Go” for Launch

Wed, 15 Jul 2009 05:54:23 PM EDT

The countdown has resumed and there are no further holds planned as NASA awaits liftoff of space shuttle Endeavour on its STS-127 mission. No technical issues and no weather violations are being discussed as launch time approaches. Endeavour and its crew of seven astronauts are “go” for launch at 6:03 p.m. EDT.

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