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Wednesday, April 7, 2010 as of 11:14 AM ET


Serafin Gomez

Miami, FL


Ex-Yankee Jim Leyritz Arrested for Domestic Abuse against Ex-Wife

July 2, 2009 - 11:41 AM | by: Serafin Gomez

7/3/09 @949am- Update on Leyritz. He will be spending will be spending the Fourth of July weekend in a Florida jail following his arrest early yesterday morning on charges of domestic battery. A Broward County judge set a relatively low bail at $1,000 for those charges, but another judge revoked Leyritz’s bond in a DUI manslaughter case. Leyritz is awaiting trial for that 2007 case. SEE VIDEO OF LEYRITZ IN COURT YESTERDAY HERE.

MIAMI, Fl- Ex-New York Yankee Baseballl player Jim Leyritz was was arrested early this morning for allegedly dragging his his ex-wife,Karrie Leyritz, from bed and striking her repeatedly over a check she cashed without Leyritz’s approval, police tell Fox News. According to the police report, his ex-wife had a small cut above her left eye that she claimed she received after being pushed by Leyritz into the floor.Police also found streaks of blood on the wall. Leyritz, who is awaiting trial for a 2007 DUI manslaughter charge, told police that his ex-wife was drunk and hurt herself to get back at him a because he tried to evict her from the house he shares with her and his family. The police report stated that the alleged victim’s gave two “totally different” accounts on the incident. Leyritz was arrested at 3:19 AM this morning,and is currently awaiting an afternoon bond hearing at Broward County jail.